How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard

How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard If you’ve just acquired a UBOTIE keyboard and are eager to connect it to your iPad, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of turning on your UBOTIE keyboard and establishing a connection with your iPad.

Discovering the UBOTIE Keyboard

How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard
How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard

Some time ago, while browsing my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon captivating Google Pixel ads that featured an intriguing keyboard. With its stylish keycaps and modern design, the UBOTIE 100 Key Rainbow Keyboard piqued my interest. After a quick search and a few clicks on Amazon, it arrived at my doorstep.

The UBOTIE keyboard draws inspiration from classic typewriters, boasting a unique retro vibe. Available in various colors, it allows you to make a statement wherever you go. With its 84-key design, it’s highly portable, fitting perfectly in your luggage for work at coffee shops or any location of your choice.

Furthermore, this versatile keyboard can connect to a wide range of devices, including your iPad, iPhone, PC, laptop, Mac, or Android devices. And if you happen to own a MacBook Air, we’ll touch on connecting the UBOTIE keyboard to it as well.

Now, let’s dive into how to turn on your UBOTIE keyboard step by step.

How to Connect Your UBOTIE Keyboard to iPad

How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard
How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard

There are two methods to connect your UBOTIE keyboard to your iPad:

Method 1: Using Bluetooth

  1. Activate Bluetooth on your iPad: Open the Settings app on your iPad and navigate to “Bluetooth.” Toggle the switch to turn it on. Look for the Bluetooth icon in the status bar to confirm that Bluetooth is active.
  2. Prepare the UBOTIE keyboard: Install two AAA batteries in your UBOTIE keyboard as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the batteries are in place, simultaneously press and hold the “Fn” and “C” keys until the indicator LED lights up on the keyboard.
  3. Find the UBOTIE keyboard: In your iPad’s Bluetooth settings, initiate a device search (usually labeled as “Search Device” or “Discover Devices”). The UBOTIE keyboard should appear in the list of available devices as “UBOTIE.”
  4. Pair and connect: Locate the “UBOTIE” entry in your iPad’s Bluetooth device list and tap it to start the pairing process. Follow any on-screen instructions that may prompt you to enter a PIN or passkey, if required. Once the pairing is successful, the UBOTIE keyboard will be connected to your iPad.

This wireless connection allows you to enjoy the convenience of typing on your UBOTIE keyboard with your iPad effortlessly. Keep in mind that the specific steps for connecting Bluetooth devices may vary based on your iPad model and the version of iOS or iPadOS you are using.

Method 2: Using a Bluetooth Receiver

If you encounter connectivity issues or your iPad lacks Bluetooth capabilities, you can use a Bluetooth receiver to connect your UBOTIE keyboard:

  1. Get a Bluetooth receiver and USB adapter: Procure a Bluetooth receiver and a USB adapter compatible with your iPad.
  2. Connect the USB adapter: Plug the USB adapter into your iPad and attach the Bluetooth receiver to the adapter.
  3. Activate Bluetooth on your iPad: Access your iPad’s Settings, go to the Bluetooth menu, and activate the Bluetooth connection for the receiver.
  4. Prepare the UBOTIE keyboard: Insert batteries into your UBOTIE keyboard and press and hold the “Fn” (Function) and “C” keys until the LED indicator flashes.
  5. Pair and connect: Open your iPad’s Bluetooth settings, initiate a device search, and locate the “UBOTIE” entry displayed on the screen. Tap on “UBOTIE” to establish a connection between your UBOTIE keyboard and iPad through the Bluetooth receiver.

These steps provide a solution for connecting your UBOTIE Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad using a Bluetooth receiver, ensuring a seamless typing experience.

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Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard
How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard

If your UBOTIE keyboard isn’t connecting, consider factors such as incorrect Bluetooth pairing, compatibility, distance, low battery, outdated software, device-specific settings, or the need for a keyboard reset. Check the pairing process, ensure compatibility, move closer to the device, check battery levels, update software, adjust device settings, or try resetting the keyboard.

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In conclusion

How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard
How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard

The UBOTIE Bluetooth Keyboard offers compatibility with various iPad models and a range of devices, making it a versatile and convenient typing solution. If you’ve found this guide helpful, consider sharing it with others to spread knowledge and assist fellow UBOTIE keyboard users. If you have further questions or need support, don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact page. We’re here to ensure you have a great UBOTIE keyboard experience!

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