How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor

How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor A Comprehensive Guide to Removing Dell Monitor Stands If you’ve ever considered swapping out your Dell monitor stand for a third-party alternative, the first step is to remove the stock monitor stand. Third-party monitor stands can be fantastic additions to your workspace, offering benefits such as space-saving, improved ergonomics, and enhanced aesthetics.

How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor
How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor

Before diving into the removal process

How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor
How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor

Make sure your Dell monitor has VESA mounting holes. If not, don’t worry; we have a dedicated article on mounting monitors without VESA holes. Additionally, for those planning to mount their monitors on glass or thin desks, please review our articles for essential safety recommendations.

In the past, some Dell monitors were notorious for their challenging stand removal process. However, recent models have incorporated quick-release mechanisms, simplifying the task. Regardless of your monitor’s model, we’re here to guide you through the removal process, allowing you to install an aftermarket stand.

Let’s begin with the general steps that apply to most Dell monitors, followed by instructions to find the specific removal steps for your monitor model, straight from Dell’s experts.

Steps for Removing the Stand on Most Dell Monitors:

How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor
How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor
  1. Turn off and unplug your monitor to ensure safety during the process.
  2. Place a towel, soft cloth, or cushion on a flat surface to protect the monitor’s front surface.
  3. Carefully position the monitor face down on the towel or cushion, exposing the backside.
  4. Push the monitor stand downwards; this will provide better access for removal.
  5. Locate the quick-release button on the backside of the monitor, if applicable. Different monitors may require various solutions. If there’s no quick-release button visible, you may need to remove a small square rear panel on the monitor. Once removed, a small tool can access the lock-release button situated between the monitor stand and the monitor itself. In some cases, Dell monitors won’t have a removable square panel, and you’ll use the tool to access the hidden lock-release button. Hold the button down while pulling the stand away from the monitor, which may be easier with a second person holding the monitor steady.

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Stand Removal for Your Specific Dell Monitor:

How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor
How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor

If any of the above steps weren’t clear or didn’t apply to your particular monitor model, don’t fret. We’ll guide you on how to obtain precise removal instructions tailored to your Dell monitor.

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Step 1: Identify Your Dell Monitor Model Number Begin by finding the model number of your Dell monitor, located on the monitor’s backside. Look for a block of small text on the back, where you’ll spot the model number. It should consist of a combination of numbers and letters.

Step 2: Download the Manual from Dell’s Website With your model number in hand, visit Dell’s manual finder website. Look for the “Identify Your Product” window and input your model number. The system should recognize your model and display matching options in a dropdown menu. Select your model from the list, and you’ll find various support information about your monitor. Click on “Manuals and Documents,” where you’ll find your monitor’s user guide.

Step 3: Locate the Stand Removal Section Finally, navigate to the table of contents to locate the stand removal instructions. These instructions will guide you on the specific steps to remove the stand from your exact Dell monitor, ensuring a seamless process.

Now you have access to a highly relevant guide for removing the monitor stand on your specific Dell monitor. You can proceed confidently with the removal process, knowing you have the precise instructions needed for your monitor model.

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