What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network

What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network SEOUL, South Korea, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – LG Innotek, led by CEO Cheol-dong Jeong, proudly unveiled its groundbreaking achievement on the 2nd of this month: the world’s inaugural automotive Wi-Fi 6E module, showcasing the prowess of next-generation Wi-Fi technology. This monumental achievement catapults LG Innotek to the forefront of the vehicle communication module market, previously dominated by Japan.

The automotive Wi-Fi 6E module represents a revolution in near-field wireless communication components designed to interlink in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, responsible for managing driving data and multimedia content, with internal smart devices and external routers. Leveraging the cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E (6th Generation Extended) technology, boasting a vast 6GHz bandwidth, this module boasts data transmission speeds nearly three times swifter than its predecessor, Wi-Fi 5.

This versatile product seamlessly integrates a communication chipset, radio frequency (RF) circuitry, and other essential components, finding its place within various vehicle components, including the audio-video navigation (AVN) system and smart antenna. Passengers can now wirelessly connect their smartphones to the in-vehicle display or audio system, facilitating the enjoyment of movies, games, and more. Furthermore, the module streamlines software updates for the automotive navigation system.

As automated driving technologies evolve, vehicles become hubs for entertainment and relaxation. This transformation has spurred a fierce technological race among component manufacturers, with the automotive Wi-Fi module taking center stage. However, the challenge lay in adapting Wi-Fi 6E for automobiles, given its limited communication performance within the confined space of a vehicle interior.

Notwithstanding this challenge, LG Innotek has triumphantly pioneered the world’s inaugural Wi-Fi 6E module by harnessing advanced RF and antenna technology. Building on over a decade of experience in automotive communication development since 2005, LG Innotek has enhanced data transmission performance through innovative RF structures and antenna designs, minimizing communication interference. The company has consistently demonstrated its technological superiority in the market, previously launching the world’s first 2nd Generation Automotive V2X Full Module, 5G Automotive Communication Module, and an upgraded Digital Key Module, boasting enhanced accuracy and security.

What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network
What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network

Enhanced Communication Performance, Durability, and Versatility

What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network
What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network

With the automotive Wi-Fi 6E module, passengers can now enjoy high-definition movies and immersive AR/VR games effortlessly via the in-vehicle display. Unlike with existing Wi-Fi modules, high-resolution videos no longer suffer from buffering.

This cutting-edge product achieves data transmission speeds of 1.2 Giga bits per second, tripling the speed of existing Wi-Fi 5 modules. Its lightning-fast 2-millisecond network connection time is seven times quicker than the status quo, ensuring a buffer-free experience for high-resolution videos.

This remarkable increase in network speed is made possible by Wi-Fi 6E’s utilization of the 6GHz band, in addition to the 2GHz and 5GHz bands, wherein higher frequencies accommodate larger data transfers. Furthermore, the available bandwidth doubles compared to the 2GHz or 5GHz options. In essence, data speeds surge as the data volume and pathway expand.

The Wi-Fi 6E module also enables seamless internet connectivity with multiple connections, thanks to its unique RF and antenna technologies that effectively mitigate interference within the confines of a vehicle.

Furthermore, this product exhibits exceptional durability, enduring temperature fluctuations ranging from -40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius. Resistant to deformation caused by winter’s low temperatures and resilient against heat generated by data transmission, the module is designed to withstand repeated expansion and contraction through an enlarged synapse surface design.

Its high applicability is another asset, with the automotive Wi-Fi 6E module boasting a compact and slim form factor while remaining compatible with existing modules. LG Innotek ingeniously consolidates over 200 components, including communication chipsets and RF circuits, into a module only one-sixth the size of a credit card, courtesy of the company’s high-density and superfine modularization technology. Moreover, it can be effortlessly integrated into existing devices without necessitating any design modifications, making it a seamless upgrade for current Wi-Fi modules.

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“LG Innotek’s Innovation Paves the Way for In-Vehicle Infotainment”

What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network
What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network

Equipped with the automotive Wi-Fi 6E module, LG Innotek has set its sights on the global automotive communications component market. The company is determined to secure a leadership position, challenging the dominance of Japanese companies in the field.

To achieve this, LG Innotek is actively engaging in promotional activities targeting global automotive component suppliers across North America, Europe, Japan, and China. The company anticipates commercializing the product in 2022, with plans for collaborative promotions alongside Germany’s Infineon Technologies, a leading supplier of Wi-Fi 6E automotive chipsets.

Sung-kug Kim, VP, and Head of the Automotive Components Business Unit, declared, “The significance of IVI in next-generation mobility is set to grow exponentially. Our automotive Wi-Fi 6E module will accelerate the evolution of IVI. LG Innotek remains steadfast in delivering innovative products that enhance the convenience, safety, and enjoyment of the driving experience for our customers.”

According to Techno Systems Research (TSR), a globally renowned market research institute, the demand for automotive Wi-Fi communication modules is projected to surge by 70%, escalating from 51.2 million units in 2020 to 87.3 million units by 2025.

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About LG Innotek Co., Ltd.

What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network
What Channel Is Peacock On Dish Network

LG Innotek is a trailblazing materials and components manufacturer affiliated with the LG Group. The company operates diverse business units, specializing in core components for mobile devices, automotive, displays, semiconductors, and IoT. With close collaboration with mobile device, home appliance, and automotive companies, LG Innotek manufactures camera modules, automotive electronic components, wireless communication modules, and substrate materials.

Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, LG Innotek maintains sales subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, Mainland China, Japan, and Taiwan, with production subsidiaries located in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, and Poland.

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